Foodie Finds: Sushi in Trinidad

Yes, I know I refer to myself as a so called ‘foodie’ and beyounique has been lacking posts on food. My apologies. Being a final year student at University means your social life is non- existent. When you actually venture outside for food, rather than take those tumblr- esque food pics, you devour your meal and then regret not getting a picture of it before in all its yummy glory. Point of the aforementioned is that: 1) I’m rarely dining out and 2) When I do, the meal is finished before I can even think about capturing it.

Fortunately, some of my sushi photos were recoverable… thanks to my mother. Before I get into it, you should know that I’m not a seasoned ‘sushi- lover’ or anything. I’m just a girl… I mean woman who enjoys food and sushi is something I’ve been particularly enjoying at the moment. Hence the reason for not much variety in the sushi arena. When I like something, I stick to it until I get tired and decide to try something new or on impulse when I feel the urge to try something new.

I’m sure everyone and their mother knows what sushi is. Japanese dish consisting of typically raw seafood, vegetables wrapped in sticky rice and served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi (the devil itself, have yet to develop a palette for that). When I first heard of it, honestly I cringed. My thoughts were, “Raw food, no way!” but I’ve obviously been converted.

Trinichow, my favourite local blog, has magnificently covered spots for sushi in Trinidad, I’m hoping to add to the topic of discussion with some insight from my experience.

Sushi Bar at Hyatt Regency in POS.

(My first sush- perience)

2014-02-23 19.31.18

I’m pretty sure it was through Trinichow I decided to select Hyatt as the spot for my first- time sushi adventure. Boy, oh boy was I delighted and pleased that those standards I had set were most definitely fulfilled. For all the sushi newbies out there and those contemplating trying it, I will recommend Hyatt’s Sushi Bar as the place to go. For not only great sushi but a wonderful experience.

I can’t remember the name of the rolls I had (since this was a year ago) but one was the typical California Roll and the other was salmon. The chef was generous enough to give us a side of seaweed salad or wakame salad which I fell in love with. Seriously. I’m not a salad person but that has to be my favourite salad. Ever. It’s crunchiness and freshness is perfect to accompany sushi.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the experience and the service was impeccable! That’s a rarity for me as I always have to endure terrible service in Trinidad.


Kaizan at Movie Towne in POS

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with this one. Despite the fact, the chef decorated the sushi with the cutest mayo hearts and the fried ice cream was superb, the sushi was not was I expected. I’ve heard numerous people speak highly of Kaizan so, of course, I had high expectations. However, I was not mind- blown. I’m not saying it was bad, it was just missing that omph. Particularly, the scallop roll (can’t recall the name of it… I did say I wasn’t a seasoned sushi lover). It was bland. I really couldn’t sugar coat that. As I said, the omph was missing and by omph, I meant flavour.

I hope I did not piss off any of the Kaizan die- hards and I hope I didn’t dismay others who’ve yet to try them. Like I said, the presentation was wonderful and the fried ice cream was one of the best things I’ve ever had and a definite fave. Also, the service was great and the ambience was lovely. I strongly believe that that was just a mishap since everything else was excellent but I’ll have a go at- in again, for sure, and let you know!

2014-11-01 21.42.03
California rolls with mayo hearts
2014-11-01 22.31.50
Fried ice cream
2014-11-01 21.42.12
wakame salad

More Vino in San Fernando and POS

Don’t hate me. The first thing I had from More Vino was not sushi but octopus. I sort of didn’t know what to do with (I mean, look at that picture) but it was surprisingly really good! I really learnt my lesson on don’t knock on something unless you’ve tried it.

As for the sushi, I had it at the More Vino in San Fernando. It was good, as well. Didn’t live up to the octopus, strange to say but similar to Kaizan, there was just something missing. I just think all this hype and talk about these places just build up some serious expectations that essentially, can’t be fulfilled. The service was not as great as the others, then again, it was a late Monday night so I guess I can understand why.

What I love is that their menu is available online, with their prices You’re also greeted with Ipads at your table with the menu and pictures of what they offer. They have great weekly deals, as I’ve recently discovered, for those who require something more budget- friendly. Their sushi combos are brilliant since they allow you to try a variety of sushi. I had the Moriawase Signature Platter which consists of maracas, california, crazy dragon and fire cracker rolls with 16 pieces in all.

2013-03-29 23.39.31
baby octopus
Only pic I got, sadly- sushi leftovers
more sushi
More Vino’s picture of assorted sushi

Eurasia in Trincity Mall

I had some predispositions about Eurasia since it took the place of one of my favourite restaurants, Bella Italia. However, that was dismissed when I had their sushi. First things first, I’m the realest. Wait. What? Let’s try this again. First things first, those had to be the largest sushi rolls I’ve ever seen. Again, I had a California Roll. It’s either that or a Crazy California. There was so much crab and then some more sprinkled, more like dolloped on top. I’m not sure if this was due to the fact that they had recently opened but I really hope they kept it up. Sooo good.

I’d say they gave Kaizan and More Vino a run for their money as being popular spots for good sushi as theirs were spectacular!

2014-07-11 16.22.41-1
Seaweed salad

As soon as I find my photos of Eurasia’s sushi, I will upload them. I swear they were not a myth!

Hopefully, for now, this will entice you?


Starlite Pharmacy in Maraval

Remember when I said Hyatt’s sushi was the first I’ve had? That was not completely accurate as I’ve now come to realize. It was my first “sushi experience”. Apparently, I’ve had pre- packaged sushi before at the Falls at Westmall and at some random buffet place in New York City. Clearly they were not memorable or remotely good and set me up to be very afraid/ cautious of pre- packaged sushi.

I should begin by saying that Starlite is not only esteemed for their great/ affordable make- up and other knick knacks, their new pre- packaged sushi is something to talk about. Now discard of those preconceptions and hurry to Starlite and try their sushi! It’s ‘up to par’ with the likes of Kaizan and More Vino… and especially good for those who are on the go.

starlite sushi
Forks out because this was eaten in the car

Bootleggers in Chaguanas 

For all my fellow Central people. Yes, there are people beyond the lighthouse who are not from South. No longer do we need to trek to the North, East and South lands, sushi has finally arrived in Central (*cue applause and cheering*).

My most recent sushi take- out. No pictures because it was devoured in record time. I guess it was that good, huh? Find out for yourself by checking them out!

The sushi was just as great as Eurasia’s in Trincity who has partnered with the Bootleggers at that location. I’m unsure if there is any connection outside of that but let me know in the comments below! I sort of wished I had the sushi there because of their bar’s table- top which was an illuminated aquamarine and so inviting and suitable for eating sushi on. I guess I will the next time I drop by because there will definitely be a next time!

I’m not done with sushi in Trinidad, just yet. I’m planning on visiting some other spots listed on Trinichow’s 18 spots for sushi in Trinidad. Samurai Grill and Sushi Bar and Krave Restaurant and Sushi Lounge being at the top of that list, for me.

Stay tuned for more sushi and food adventures and don’t forget to let me know what are your sushi spots and what types you like to get! Have a great week lovelies 🙂 and…


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